Roderick Buchanan

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The artist Roderick Buchanan
Born 1965, Glasgow, Scotland.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Installation art, Taipei Biennial,

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Roderick Buchanan
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Roderick Buchanan
The men in ‘Work in Progress’ are wearing either Inter Milan or AC Milan football team shirts. The type of portrait is familiar from football publicity photographs, where the players stare ahead with their arms held behind their backs…

Roderick Buchanan
Roderick Buchanan’s new work, History Painting, commissioned by the British Council for the 11th Indian Triennale, is a 35mm film transferred to DVD.  It was shot in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, and Catterick, North Yorkshire, during the summer of 2004…

Roderick Buchanan
Glaswegian Buchanan won the inaugural Beck’s Futures Prize and is probably best known for his sports-related videos and photographic works…

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