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The artist Rodney Graham
Born Jan 16 1949, Vancouver, Canada.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Whitney Biennial, Sydney Biennale, Venice Biennale,

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“It was rock that got me into painting. Being a painter is an extension of the performance idea that started with my interventions into serious music.”

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rodney graham
How I became a Ramblin’ man.

rodney graham
"Rodney Graham: A Little Thought" is the first major survey of the Canadian artist’s work to travel North America. Since the late 1970s, Graham has taken a conceptual approach to making art to explore modes of perception—in particular altered states of perception—and themes of location. Large-scale photographs of upside-down trees show the world from inside of a camera, where things naturally appear topsy-turvy. Another aspect on the trippy landscape is viewed through The Phonokinetoscope, a 2002 video installation, in which Graham takes a tab of acid and bicycles through a park in Berlin. Structured as an endlessly repetitive loop and set to moody rock music by the artist, who is also a performing musician, the work operates like a dimension, or zone, to be entered and absorbed…

rodney graham
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rodney graham
Of all the personae Rodney Graham has chosen or may yet choose to embody and explore, that of the ‘gifted amateur’ combines especially sensitive qualities of introspection and vulnerability – perhaps because the artist does not give it any heroic dimension, whereas he had previously accustomed us to tragicomic, gruesome or even absurd manifestations. Graham’s rigour and culture contain an intellectual curiosity that forces him to apprehend the structural foundations of the psyche and demands a mastery of the means that allow brilliant and lyrical variations on the inexhaustible theme of the Renaissance man.”

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