Roee Rosen

Roee Rosen | the artist

The artist Roee Rosen
Born 1963, , Israel.
Lives and works in , Israel.
Style and technique of the artist: Herzliya Biennial, Manifesta, Painting, Writing,

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Roee Rosen

Roee Rosen
Roee Rosen¬ís paintings, films, and writings have become known for their historical and theological consciousness, novelistic imagination, and psychological ambition. His work addresses the representation of history, the political economy of memory, and the politics of identity, often exploring the tension between trauma, horror, humor, and truth…

Roee Rosen
'The Confession of Roee Rosen' was produced for this year's big arts biennial, Manifesta 7, and behind the work is one of the Israeli fine art world's most remarkable young artists…

Roee Rosen
Rosen held an exhibition entitled "Live and Die as Eva Braun" at the Israel Museum which aroused public controversy. However, it won critical praise for its new approach to Holocaust memory representation and was exhibited at the Jewish Museum in New York in 2002…

Roee Rosen
At the beginning of his new film, Israeli artist Roee Rosen declares that he is about to die and that his career has been a compilation of lies, scandals, and fake identities…

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