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The artist Roman Ondak
Born 1966, Zilina, Slovakia.
Lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Site specific art, Installation art, Photography, Venice Biennale,

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Roman Ondák
Good Feelings in Good Times. Ondák lives in Bratislava, Slovakia, and he has described his gratuitous queue as a memory of the lines "that in the 1970s and 1980s often used to form in front of shops… In what everybody then called the bad times, people were capable of patiently waiting in queues and feeling good about it, because they thought at the end of it they’d probably get what they were hoping for"…

Roman Ondák
<p>Using a diverse media and methods, Roman Ondak explores in his installations, photographs, drawings, and performances a specific situation, which very often involve people he has some relationship with. These people either play a certain role in it or participate by creating of something what is based on Ondak’s descriptions. Inner structure of some of Ondak’s works is intentionally constructed in such way, that he expects people he personally doesn’t know to be partially motivated to take part in them…

Roman Ondák
"As a sign of solidarity with recent world events, for the next minute do not interrupt the activity you are doing at this moment.”

Roman Ondák
Roman Ondák’s Letter to the Slovakian minister of culture serves as a characteristic example of analytical, post-conceptual thought. At the same time, it illustrates Ondák’s development away from objects and installation towards staging temporary situations and imaginative sitespecific constructions that predict various communication patterns in behavior and in the perception of things…

Roman Ondák
Here or Elsewhere

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