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The artist Roman Opalka
Born August 27 1931, Hocquincourt, France.
Died 6 August 2011, Chieti, Italy.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Printmakers, Der Kaiserring, Conceptual Art,

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roman opalka
<p>The fundamental basis of my work, to which I have dedicated my life, manifests itself in a process of recording a progression that both documents time and also defines it. It began on a single date in 1965, the one on which I undertook my first “Detail”.<br />
Each “Detail” is a part of a greater idea conceived on that date. My work records the progression to infinity, through the first and the last number painted on the canvas.<br />
I inscribe the progression of numbers beginning with one, proceeding to infinity, on canvases of the same size, 77.17 x 53.15 in (196 x 135 cm), in white by hand with a paintbrush. Since 1972 I have been making each canvas’ background about 1% whiter each time. Thus the moment will arrive when I will paint white on white. Since 2008, I have painted in white on a white background, which I call “blanc mérité” (white well earned).<br />
After each work session in my studio, I take a photograph of my face in front of the “Detail” that I have been working on. Each “Detail” is accompanied by a tape recording of my voice saying the numbers out loud as I write them.</p>

roman opalka
the millenium project

roman opalka
Detail 868,149-893,746 1967-71

roman opalka
Camera Obscura 2005/1-Inf is a worldwide project in which two holes of a twin-holed pinhole camera are being auctioned simultaneously on Ebay every week. This project is dedicated to the polish artist Roman Opalka and his work 1965/1-8. The highest bidders in each case receive one after the other a pinhole camera loaded with a piece of unexposed sheet of 5×7 Inch b/w film…

treffpunkt boulevard
<p>‘Je voulais manifester le temps,<br />
son changement dans la durée,<br />
celui qui montre la nature,<br />
mais d’une manière propre à l’homme,<br />
sujet conscient de sa présence<br />
définie par la mort :<br />
émotion de la vie dans la durée irréversible’</p>

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