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The artist Rosa Barba
Born 1972, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy.
Lives and works in Cologne and Amsterdam, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Venice Biennale,

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Rosa Barba
Barba uses retro-fitted film projectors as characters that physically dominate her installations, three of which are on display here under the title ‘Buckle & Jitter’. Instead of trying to conceal the source of the projected image, she transforms it into the centre of attention through labyrinth of film loops that slink across the space via a network of wheels and pulleys, physically enveloping the viewer and turning the viscous spaghetti of 35mm celluloid into moving sculpture, more multi-sensory tha multimedia: we hear the whirr of the projectors’ motors, feel the heat of their lamps and smell the chemicals of the film flittering by our noses…

Rosa Barba
The cinematic works of Rosa Barba capture the moment before a crucial action. Describing an intermediate condition where the meaning for an instance dissolves to leave a view of incompleteness behind…

Rosa Barba
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Rosa Barba
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