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The artist Rosalind Nashashibi
Born 1973, Croydon, UK.
Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Winner Beck’s Futures in 2003

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rosalind nashashibi
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rosalind nashashibi
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rosalind nashashibi
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rosalind nashashibi
In all the films, all I realised is the presence of an energy that I experienced, and the task was to try to capture that energy through the medium of film.

rosalind nashashibi
Rosalind Nashashibi makes films that, at first glance, can seem a little ordinary – like home movies without the home, nothing much happens, and then they’re over. Occasionally they can also seem a little bleak: in Blood and Fire (2003), for example, old women eat lunch at a Salvation Army canteen that is both over-lit and bleached of colour; in Dahiet Al Bareed: District of the Post Office (2002) tyres burn amid the rubble of buildings beneath a blue sky; in The States of Things (2000) a scrum of elderly people hunt for bargains at a jumble sale…

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