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The artist Ryan McGinness
Born 1972, Virginia Beach, VA, USA.
Lives and works in New York, NY, .
Style and technique of the artist: Mural Art – Muralism, Painting,

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Ryan Mcginness
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Ryan Mcginness
I'm trying to communicate complex and poetic concepts with a cold, graphic, and authoritative visual vocabulary. I concentrate on shape, color, and composition within simplified picture planes…

Ryan Mcginness
Untitled (Project rainbow series)

Ryan Mcginness, Saatchi Gallery
Drawing from his background in the design industry, Ryan McGinness’s work resolves the clinical graphic aesthetics of media as vast, contemplative fields of intimate meditation. Under Five Chairs Psychiatrists Wink is set across three panels, each beaconing with a baroque entrancement. Woven together with delicate intricacy, McGinness’s forms converge in a kaleidoscope of free-flowing associations: Stylised motifs, calligraphic patterns, and abstracted tattoo-like insignia overlap in arabesque mandalas. Framed within rich black and red planes, McGinness’s painting is reminiscent of ancient tapestries, fabricating the iconography of contemporary experience as spiritual and timeless.

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