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The artist Ryan McNamara
Born 1979, , USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Video, Performance Art,

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Ryan McNamara
New York artist Ryan McNamara creates performances and videos imbued with humorous, macabre pop culture references, trenchant inquiries into identity, and a healthy dose of American spotlight-seeking. McNamara's performance tonight, "The Star Parade," puts the artist in the role of variety show host. He will present an array of acts, most still undisclosed, though there's little doubt that the show as a whole will be heavily endowed with the artist's canny, double-twisted wit…

Ryan McNamara
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Ryan McNamara
Artist Ryan McNamara has been busy in recent months with performances included at Performa 09 and the Whitney Biennial. Following an invitation from Elizabeth Dee to introduce himself to the gallery, the New York-based artist conceived And Introducing Ryan McNamara. Reaching out an arm to his audience, he will actually be in the Chelsea gallery along with photos, videos and memorabilia to “acquaint” himself with visitors…

All this grieving calls for a soundtrack, something with a beat that would also remind us of our imminent deaths. (If art distracts from our mortality, it also serves to reinscribe our finitude—like a child, art should outlast us.) I contacted Kool-Aid Mizrahi, a prominent figure in the New York gay ball scene. I'd seen him at work as an emcee several times before, and knew that he'd make an amazing funeral barker…

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