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The artist Saadane Afif
Born 1970, , France.
Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Documenta Kassel, Marcel Duchamp Prize,

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Saadane Afif
Since 2004 Saâdane Afif (Vendôme, France, 1970) has been constructing his exhibitions like record releases. Under a generic title, in the exhibition space he groups together a set of elements that usually define and colour an album. For each project Afif works with a songwriter he commissions to pen lyrics for the works he is presenting. The commission is very specific: after explaining the possible meanings and forms of the pieces, he invites the author to write a song related with each one…

Saadane Afif
Among the most inventive artists on the young French art scene, Saadane Afif works with notions of displacement and contrast. His pieces, vibrating with multiple meanings, function by using collusion as their driving force. He employs objects, scale models, installations, sounds, and writing to classify the unclassifiable and mirror-in the work of art itself-the dialog that arises between the viewer and the artist. This dialog is continuously fueled by various allusions and is infiltrated on every side by historic, psychological, social, and cultural elements…

Saadane Afif
Moscow Biennale

Saadane Afif
In his work, Saâdane Afif adopts strategies from the fields of art and music, for example the method of appropriation, in order to critically explore the concepts of interpretation and repetition. Among other elements, his room installations combine song texts and pop music with pictures, personal comments and objects which have been pre-fabricated or already exist. Afif reflects artistic authorship and how the art system works…

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