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The artist Salla Tykka
Pseudonym: Salla Tykkä
Born 1973, Helsinki, Finland.
Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography,

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Photo: Pertti Nisonen

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salla tykkä
Salla Tykkä graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 2003. She has been working with photography, video and film since 1996, and she had her first solo show in 1997.

salla tykkä
A common thread of many of Tykkä’s work is the moment of emotional and physical transformation experienced by young women in a combination of natural (landscape) and constructed (suburban, urban) settings. The situations are intentionally ambiguous, highly charged emotionally and sexually, and utilise cinematic devices in order to heighten tension…

salla tykkä
Biography and portrait

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