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The artist Sam Moyer
Born 1983, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, .
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Sculpture Objects,

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Sam Moyer
Moyer marries the world of mass-produced goods with the sphere of able, home improvement craftsmanship, approaching them both through a subtractive rather than additive art-making process. Purchasing cheap IKEA rag rugs and picking at each to unravel it into a new composition, Moyer then paints them with a black encaustic. This is a practice both organically homespun, paying tribute to handcrafts such as weaving and the “making do” employment of everyday artifacts, and oddly detached, resulting in an object that might initially seem an untouched relic from planet Minimalism. Taken together, these sculptures form a structural grammar – their similarities marking them as a unified language, their subtle differences defining each as its own iteration…

Sam Moyer

Sam Moyer

Sam Moyer
Sam Moyer's studio occupies the basement below the Williamsburg apartment she shares with her boyfriend, artist Eddie Martinez. Each day she descends the stairs to her studio to work, a process journey has involved rugs purchased from Ikea, the fabric of which Moyer picks them from its weave to create various abstractions and patterns. The process is like drawing, or etching in the ground of the cheap carpet. When she's satisfied with her plucking, Moyer heats encaustic on a frying pan and brushes it onto the composition. She applies the encaustic until the rug is sturdy but flexible; hung in box-frames, they hang slightly off the wall and cast shadows like outsized cobwebs…

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