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The artist Sam Taylor-Wood
Born 1967, London, England.
Style and technique of the artist: BritArt, Video, Photography,

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Sam Taylor-Wood, “The Passion

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sam taylor-wood
Soliloquy I

sam taylor-wood
What do you do when you’re an artist known as much for your fame as for your artwork? Sam Taylor-Wood has always walked this fine line. The photographer and video artist exploded with the other YBAs in the 90s, married Jay Jopling (the owner of the White Cube gallery in Hoxton Square, London) and has spent the rest of her career hanging out and depicting the iconic and infamous. She even created the world’s largest photographic installation, wrapping Selfridges in a giant celeb-filled image…

sam taylor-wood
Soliloquy VI

sam taylor-wood, moma
Sam Taylor-Wood is a photographer and filmmaker whose panorama, Five Revolutionary Seconds XI, combines elements of the still and moving image. Made with a rotating camera that turns nearly 360 degrees in five seconds, the work records the motions and gestures of six actors and friends enlisted by the artist…

sam taylor-wood
Five Revolutionary Seconds XIII and Soliloquy I

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