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The artist Sammy Baloji
Born 1978, Lubumbashi, Congo.
Lives and works in Lubumbashi, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Sammy Baloji
Sammy Baloji is a prodigiously talented young photographer whose work shines a powerful spotlight on contemporary Congolese reality. Having studied literature and human sciences at Lubumbashi University, he was drawn to photography and video as expressive mediums for representing the environment of Katanga, a locus for colonial and post-colonial exploitation of its wealth of minerals essential for Western technologies. Baloji’s remarkable series entitled Memory (2006) is a sequence of collaged images combining subtle coloured panoramas of today’s landscape – a wasteland of industrial ruins and vast slag heaps – with black-and-white archival images of the Congolese workers whose labour produced such great wealth for the colonial powers…

Sammy Baloji
Baloji deals with the colonial heritage of Katanga, his home province. He mixes historical and contemporary pictures in large-sized photomontages – in order to understand the present, he reads the traces of the past. He finds such traces and signs in the architecture of Congo’s state mining company…

Sammy Baloji
an intriguing photo installation by Congolese artist Sammy Baloji. Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, close to the border with Zambia in mineral-rich Katanga province, Likasi wears its colonial past on the surface of its buildings…

Sammy Baloji
The Beautiful Time features Baloji’s articulate and moving images of out-of-use machinery and the industrial landscape of the run-down mining infrastructure. His photomontages combine archival pictures of mine workers and colonial administrators with his photographs of present-day Lubumbashi…

Sammy Baloji
An African phantom: between ruins and modernity, Sammy Baloji The history of his country, Katanga, has influenced Sammy’s works…

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