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The artist Santiago Sierra
Born 1966, Madrid, Spain.
Lives and works in New Mexico, Mexico, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Athens Biennale,

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santiago sierra
…The artist has parked six cars outside the synagogue and attached their exhaust pipes to the building using plastic tubes. It is then filled with deadly gas. Visitors are invited to go inside one by one wearing a gas mask, escorted by a firefighter. Before being allowed in, they have to sign a disclaimer stating they realise the room is full of carbon monoxide…

santiago sierra
<p>spanish artist santiago sierra was seeking 200 persons <br />
originating from africa, asia or eastern europe with dark hair <br />
(black or chestnut) to take part in an ‘action’ that took place <br />
on 6th June, the first day of the vernissage…</p>

santiago sierra
Rebel Art

santiago sierra
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santiago sierra

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