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The artist Sarah Morris
Born 1967, London, UK.
Lives and works in London UK, and New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Video,

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sarah morris
Since the mid-1990s, Sarah Morris has been internationally renowned for her panoramic portraits of American metropolises, which take the form of both paintings and films.

sarah morris
Executed in household gloss and saturated neon colors to achieve a slick industrial sheen that echoes their subjects, Morris’s paintings isolate and abstract iconic architecture, reducing the facades of various structures to angled grids with colored cells that suggest the reflected glow of the urban environment. Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas) belongs to a series of paintings based on hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas strip. The artist was interested in the way in which Las Vegas hotels integrate giant electronic billboards that advertise no product but themselves, thereby echoing the hermetic and self-referential nature of much of abstract painting. In such works, Morris mimics the way in which architecture serves as a seductive sign for corporate power—in this case, that of the entertainment industry…

sarah morris
Works in the MOMA collection

sarah morris
Sarah Morris lives and works in New York and London. She attended Brown University, Cambridge University, and the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Independent Study Program.

sarah morris

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