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The artist Satoru Aoyama
Born 1973, Tokyo, Japan.
Lives and works in London UK, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Satoru Aoyama
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Satoru Aoyama
His deceptively simple portraits and landscapes defy the traditional pictorial limitations of embroidery. Working from photographs traced onto organza, Aoyama painstakingly builds up layer upon layer of intricate colored threads achieving supra-realist interpreatations of his subject matter…

Satoru Aoyama
Bordado (hilo de algodón y poliéster) sobre tul acrílico

Satoru Aoyama
Aoyama makes detailed pictorial images in embroidery. He first takes a photograph of the subject that he wishes to embroider and then traces the line of the image onto an organza. Slowly, over long periods of time, he sews the image into the polyester fabric organza using an old industrial sewing machine. Using coloured threads, subtle gradations of tone and texture are achieved by interchanging the colours of the upper and lower bobbins of the machine. This repeats itself until the image is complete…

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