Scott Burton

Scott Burton | the artist

The artist Scott Burton
Born 1939, Greensboro, Alabama, USA.
Died Dec 29 1989, Manhattan, New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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scott burton
Acclaimed for transforming the idea of public art, Scott Burton made functional sculptures that require a spectator's presence to complete their purpose. Like conventional chairs and tables, Burton's Bench and Table is designed not only for touch, but also use…

scott burton
Burton worked in a tradition of utilitarian modernism that started with the Russian Constructivists and was continued by the De Stijl and Bauhaus artists. His greatest achievement may lie in his forays into public art, which evolved in accordance with his belief that art should 'place itself not in front of, but around, behind, underneath (literally) the audience…'

scott burton
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scott burton
Six-Part Seating

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