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The artist Scott Menaul
Born March 22 1957, Chicago, IL, USA.
Lives and works in Clearwater FL – USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art,

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The most exciting artwork, in my opinion, is artwork that compels the viewer to participate in it. That is why I love abstract art.

Each viewer sees something different in my abstracts and always has something very interesting to say about them. I have talked directly with literally thousands of people after viewing my artwork. After getting their feedback and interpretation, I always feel that we have made some sort of a connection and that I have helped them in some way. Their comments always include a positive statement and an improvement on their outlook. I also feel that I have gained a better understanding of them and people in general.

My work is influenced by my early interest in math and science. Many of my pieces include geometrical forms and a sense of precision that bridges fine art and design. I love color, patterns and forms that when combined together, take on a life of their own. The artwork communicates to others and appears to touch them in a deep, personal and spiritual way. My greatest joy is watching someone getting involved in one of my pieces and taking a journey from a state of worry or boredom and into a state of joy and exhilaration.

I began creating art photographs in high school in Poughkeepsie, NY with home-built pinhole cameras I made from shoeboxes and aluminum foil. After graduation, having considered careers in architecture and classical music, I pursued my interest in the practical applications of math and science by earning a degree in electrical engineering from Syracuse University in 1979.

After one year working as an electrical engineer, my interest in working with people, ideas and concepts led me into technology marketing and the world of advertising. Whetting my creative appetite, I went out on my own in 1987 as a technical writer and photographer. In time, that led me into the fields of graphic design and computer illustration. After meeting my wife Jerri, we created Synergy Network, a Boston area marketing communications firm and photography studio in 1991.

While creating photographic images and artwork for clients, I employed various 3-D modeling, illustration and photo enhancement tools. While experimenting with these at night, I developed techniques that could be used to create fine art. I began using these tools to create abstracts. These early works debuted at the first biannual CyberArts Festival in Boston in the spring of 1999.

My first gallery showing of photography in 1996 was sponsored by IRIS graphics of Bedford, MA, the manufacturer of the first giclée printer for reproduction of fine art prints. Entitled “Scenes of Africa,” the framed giclée print collection was first displayed at the IRIS Graphics corporate gallery and then at the Nature Company’s two galleries in Concord, MA and on Newbury Street in Boston. An appearance by Jim Fowler (from Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Animal Kingdom) made the Boston event a memorable one for all.

My wife and I sold Synergy Network after twelve years and moved to Clearwater, Florida, with our two children. I created Menaul Fine Art to pursue my fine art career full time.

My abstract art is created using 3-D modeling, illustration and photo enhancement tools on the computer. The common theme is that they contain crystal geometric objects (in virtual space) that reflect and refract the environment around them. The objects take on color and reflect the images of the nearby forms. The final artwork is then printed as fine art multiple original giclées on canvas or paper. The Canvas giclées are typically limited to editions of 250.

The canvas giclées are very rich, colorful and almost indistinguishable from oil paintings. The only telltale clue is the crisp detail and subtle graduations of color—and of course, the number of the edition.

One of the greatest benefits of working on the computer is the ability to change the color palette, print size and proportions at will. A designer or art buyer can send me color swatches, color system numbers, print sizes, different proportions, etc. I can customize the artwork to fit the client’s needs. Another thing I can do is take a photograph of the client’s home or corporate facility and insert the artwork into it using the computer to get a preview of how the artwork will look before it is purchased and installed.

I am always interested in your thoughts and reactions to my artwork. Please feel free to email me at any time.

Information: Menaul Fine Art creates contemporary abstracts with the common theme of crystal geometric objects that reflect and refract the environment around them. The objects take on color and reflect the images of the nearby forms.
Our purpose is to celebrate all that is positive about the human spirit. We have been “accused” of creating a new genre of artwork!

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