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The artist Sean Dack
Born 1976, Albany, New York, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Sean Dack
Selected works at the Saatchi Gallery

Sean Dack portrait
On the way to his art opening

Alone I break: Sean Dack
Aesthetic look and style: The video will be shot on video (handheld video 8, VHS C. micro wireless and ll. patick surveillance) as well as 16mm film for performance and narrative action. The location will lend itself the psychological nature of the song and ultimately the video, too…

Sean Dack
This exhibition takes the form of a musical score accompanied by a text lifted from the paranoid cold-war era predictions of noted science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.  While Dick¬ís description of apocalypse seems archaic, it also seem at times oddly prescient.

Sean Dack
“Ghost Hardware,” Sean Dack’s latest exhibition at New York’s Daniel Reich Gallery, builds a visual language, in photography and sculpture, from the limits of technological legibility. Over a series of unique c-prints, thoughtfully hung throughout the gallery, Dack coats a panoply of sourced images with thick layers of digital interference: glitches that “tangle and halt the flow of information,” but in so doing also provide the precondition for the exhibited art-objects…

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