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The artist Sergei Bugaev
Pseudonym: Afrika
Born 1966, Novorossisk, on the Black Sea, Russia.
Lives and works in St. Petersburg, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography,

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Sergei Bugaev
Photographs from the series “Industrial Unconscious”

Sergei Bugaev
Stalker 3 is a 53-minute film of found footage, edited by the artist, with sound reworked in collaboration with Dimitry Gelfand. The video, which was found by Russian Special Forces, captures one day – April 16, 1999 – of the war in Chechnya…

Sergei Bugaev
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Sergei Bugaev
Work in the Kolodzei Collection

Sergei Bugaev
"Afrika has obtained an exclusive video from Russian intelligence"

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