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The artist Sergio Vega
Born 1959, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lives and works in Gainesville, FL, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Architecture, Installation art,

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sergio vega
Paradiso en el Nuevo Mundo'

sergio vega
Sergio Vega creates artworks which address both contemporary and historical systems of representation in the Americas. The artist has specifically taken the ever-evolving notion of paradise, a garden of eden, an ideal natural world, as a reoccuring point of departure for his work…

sergio vega
or the past ten years, Sergio Vega has developed a project titled "El Para’so en el Nuevo Mundo" [Paradise in the New World]. Based on a book of the same name written by Antonio de Leon Pinelo in 1650, Vega’s project includes a growing number of photographs, sculptures, videos and text-based works that document his journeys to Pinelo’s paradise, located by Vega in modern day Brazil. Vega aligns Pinelo with Dante, who traveled through Hell and Purgatory to arrive in the celestial paradise. And like Dante and Pinelo, the artist has encountered people and places of unexpected historical and social significance…

sergio vega
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sergio vega
The Golden Agen with Mosquitoes

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