Seton Smith

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The artist Seton Smith
Born 1955, South Orange, NJ, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography,

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Seton Smith

Seton Smith
Seton Smith's color photographs are often blurry and soft-edged, to indicate that the images are constructions of memory and desire, and depict fragments of architecture, landscape and interiors that have a distinctly otherworldly cast…

Seton Smith
Seton Smith's large, out-of-focus photographs give shape to the space between things, transforming what is often called emptiness and described pictorially as "negative space" into a palpable presence that is elusive, undeniable and anything but negative…

Seton Smith
While her sister has worked with a number of different media, Seton has stayed with her unique method of photography. Using the Cibachrome process of printing where the color pigments are built into the paper rather than on the surface, Seton's fade resistant prints exhibit distinct colors with a glistening surface…

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