Sharon Hayes

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The artist Sharon Hayes
Born 1970, , USA.
Lives and works in Los Angeles and New York City, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Performance Art, Documenta Kassel, Greater New York,

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Sharon Hayes
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Sharon Hayes
Her video, performance and installation projects have engaged individual and group perceptions of political events and ideologies, employing conceptual and methodological approaches borrowed from artistic and academic practices such as theater, film, anthropology, linguistics, and journalism…

Sharon Hayes
"The Interpreter Project" (four-channel video installation, 2001)

Sharon Hayes
Performance view from "Republican Like Me"

Sharon Hayes
New York-based artist Sharon Hayes works in performance, video, and installation, creating situations that expose dramatic frictions between collective activities and personal actions. With interventions that are inspired by the language of politics and the dramaturgy of theater, Hayes has staged protests, delivered speeches, and organized demonstrations in which crowds and individuals are invited to rethink their roles in the construction of public opinion. Hayes will create a site-specific performance piece for the New Museum, which will have both a live component and a recorded element that will be broadcast in an unusual interstitial space located between galleries. Continuing the artist’s interrogation of the infinitesimal distance that separates the public from the private, this new work will be a reflection on the difference between speaking and listening—a kind of confession combining the idiom of politics, the transmission of secrets, and the language of love…

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