Sharon Ya’ari

Sharon Ya'ari | the artist

The artist Sharon Ya'ari
Born 1966, , Israel.
Lives and works in Tel Aviv, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Sharon Ya’ari
“Sharon Ya’ari is the poet of Israeli photography,” enthused Daniella Luxembourg after the presentation of the Israeli Art Prize at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art last Friday. The New York–based dealer and art consultant (and jury member) continued, “Photography is the most important Israeli art. Given the political conflict and the constant presence of international press, artists don’t want to simply document events. They want to document their thoughts.”

Sharon Ya’ari
Sharon Ya’ari (b.1966) takes photographs of what appear to be mundane scenes from the country or the suburban fringes of cities. The photographs are composed with a painter’s sensibility for framing devices, paths leading the eye into the distance, and figures grouped according to compositional rules established centuries ago.

Sharon Ya’ari
Two works, Israel Photography now

Sharon Ya’ari
Ephemerality is the basis of all photography, a death of what is no longer present; the photographed subject’s past tense inscribed in the very act of picture taking…

Sharon Ya’ari

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