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The artist Shary Boyle
Born 26 May 1972, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
Lives and works in Toronto, Canada.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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The Hnatyshyn Foundation 2010 Award

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Shary Boyle
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Shary Boyle in her own words
This is the biggest, most institutional, most “sanctioned” exhibition I’ve ever done. It’s great, and I feel like I want to run with it, and I feel like I want to do it on behalf of artists that happen to live in this geographical area. I want to set a precedent of not being seen under the unfortunately limiting title of “Toronto artist.” Canada still has this colonial mindset of favouring people from “the mainland.”

Shary Boyle
Shary Boyle currently lives and works in Toronto, though her career has involved travel and residencies in several European countries. She is well-known for her bold, fantastical explorations of the figure. Highly crafted and deeply imaginative, her multi-disciplinary practice mines the history of porcelain figurines, animist mythologies and historical portraiture to create a symbolic language uniquely her own. From sculpture to performance Boyle interprets her personal observations of sexuality, relationships and human vulnerability through a darkly feminist lens. She is the winner of the 2009 Iskowitz Award and her work is exhibited and collected internationally…

Shary Boyle
Shary Boyle is known internationally for her drawing, sculpture and painting and for her audio-visual performances. Informed by the deeply personal and fanciful, her work traverses the terrain from adolescent anxieties and desires to evocative, fairy-tale like realms…

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