Shen Shaomin

Shen Shaomin | the artist

The artist Shen Shaomin
Born 1956, Heilongjiang Province, China.
Lives and works in Beijing, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Sydney Biennale,

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Shen Shaomin
Shen Shaomin in his studio, with images of works

Shen Shaomin
The Australia-based Chinese artist Shen Shaomin, seemingly a maverick in real life, stocks up in his studio with ghastly animal bones. A good command of this distinctive raw material – also a metaphor for death – facilitates his search of a spiritual world which has been long floating afar. In fact, Shen adopts a less-material approach to highlight the quality of spiritual value…

Shen Shaomin
Saatchi Gallery

Shen Shaomin
The Future Living Things

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