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The artist Shi Jinsong
Born 1969, Dangyang county, Hubei province, China.
Lives and works in Wuhan and Beijing, China, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects,

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Shi Jinsong
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Shi Jinsong; Saatchi Galley
Shi Jinsong has branded his stainless steel baby product line Na Zha, a child warrior deity of Chinese folklore celebrated for his bravery and strategy in the battlefield. Befitting its title, this sculptural series consists of a cradle, a carriage, a walker, a toy, needle-tipped pacifiers and pieces of abacus, all outfitted with deadly weapons inside out and evokes the image of Swiss army knives.

Shi Jinsong
“Na Za Cradle”

Shi Jinsong
Stroller road rage has the potential to go to the next level with the Na Zha model above… Shi Jinsong also tricks out cradles, walkers and all manner of objects used by the very young, the very old and the helpless with razor sharp stainless steel blades…

Shi Jinsong
Internal Injuries

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