Shilpa Gupta

Shilpa Gupta | the artist

The artist Shilpa Gupta
Born 1976, Mumbai, India.
Lives and works in Mumbai, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Digital Art,

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Shilpa Gupta
The artist Shilpa Gupta has created a number of on-line art works. Like many of her generation she views the web as an extension of her daily reality. For her, the net is a habitual part of a conceptual world as television was for an earlier generation…

Shilpa Gupta
Gupta creates artwork using interactive video, websites, objects, photographs, sound and public performances to probe and examine subversively such themes as desire, religion, notions of security on the street and on the imagined border…

Shilpa Gupta
Ms Gupta has shown a remarkable flexibility in her approach to creating work of art moving away from conventional notion of what constitutes art and art practice. Her work is often about interactivity and it exists mostly in that moment, an aspect which distinguishes her from conventional visual artists. She has managed to bring life practices, experiences, belief, memory and imagination of people, particularly from India, into the realm of new types of art practices…

Shilpa Gupta
The Dwindling Power of Individual Reason

Shilpa Gupta
Shilpa Gupta, India’s leading visual arts / new media artist, realises that the state of affairs in the disputed state of Kashmir, is not as pro-India as the rest of India believes it to be. As she films her bus journey from Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar to Gulmargh, small towns dissolve into villages, which transform into a few huts and then to large open fields…

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