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The artist Shirin Neshat
Born March 26 1957, Qazvin, Iran.
Lives and works in New York, NY, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Alpert Award for Visual Arts,

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shirin neshat
There is a palpable energy in Shirin Neshat’s photographs, an almost tangible seduction obviating the violence it borders, deeply rooted in the historical culture she would ultimately have to call "home."

shirin neshat
Exile on Main Street

shirin neshat
Throngs of men, dressed in natty white shirts, and an undulating sea of women, cloaked in flowing black robes, move with gear-like synchrony, at once orderly and mismatched, in Shirin Neshat’s dual- screen projection piece Rapture.

shirin neshat
An Iranian-born artist who has lived in the United States since 1974, Shirin Neshat portrays the emotional space of exile in her photographs and films. She questions the role of women in Islamic society, recognizing the tensions between a collective cultural identity and one driven by individual concerns. Neshat uses the chador, the head-to-toe Islamic covering that is mandatory for women in Iran, as an icon for repression and female identity…

shirin neshat
Although Shirin Neshat lives and works in the United States, her artwork explores issues of her native Islamic society, especially the position of women. She uses the specifics of her background culture to create works that communicate universal ideas about loss, meaning, and memory…

shirin neshat interview
It’s been rather problematic to show my work in Iran both in respect to the nature of my work because of its controversial themes, and lack of appropriate venues. However, during the President Khatami’s period when cultural censorship was briefly relaxed, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Tehran, headed by the courageous director, Mr. Sami Azar, took the risk and exhibited two of my videos, (2004 & 2005). This was indeed Iranians’ first chance to see my work in person. Since then of course, with the new regime, all prospects of showing work such as mine are lost…

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