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The artist Shoichi Ida
Born September 13 1941, , Japan.
Died 2006, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers,

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shoichi ida
"Art should not be an artist’s monologue; it should be able to set up some form of communication. This is why it’s sometimes necessary for me to become a nobody. By dropping my own identity I try to put myself in the same space as the communication process between the materials and whatever stands opposite them. This then makes it possible for the "entity" opposite the materials to be the viewer of my works."

shoichi ida
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shoichi ida
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shoichi ida
This thesis is being carried out by the work of Syoichi Ida. This is budding very what of the creation activity in the first stage. It kept searching from various angles again by various techniques until dying. “surfaces” Being able to decide this idea has certain one episode.

shoichi ida
Shoichi Ida earned a postgraduate degree from the Kyoto Municipal University of Art in 1964. He received a grant in 1968 from the French government to live and work in Paris and also lived briefly in New York and in San Francisco. He exhibited at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York, the Perimeter Gallery in Chicago, and Don Soker Contemporary Art in San Francisco. In 1990 five of his prints were shown at the Cincinnati Art Museum…

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