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The artist Simon Hantai
Pseudonym: Simon Hantaï
Born Dec 7 1922, Bia, Hungary.
Died Sept 12 2008, Paris, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Documenta Kassel, Lyrical Abstraction,

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simon hantaï
A Enguerrand Quarton. Meun’ and other works

simon hantaï
Simon Hantaï‘s work is based on the delicate balance between what is painted, and what is not. In the 1958 painting, the space left clear by the signs reveals the canvas’s preparatory white undercoat. In the 1964 work, the bare, untouched canvas emerges as the counterpoint to the "bladder" motif. The Etudes or "studies" painted from 1969 onwards feature unpainted hollow furrows between folds in the canvas, whose ridges cut into the coloured surface…

simon hantaï
L’art pour l’art: Simon Hantaï, the planar graph and me.

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