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The artist Simon Starling
Born 1967, Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom.
Lives and works in Glasgow, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Turner Prize, Installation art,

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simon starling
British-born, Berlin-based artist Simon Starling's sculptures—an Eames chair made out of a Marin Sausalito bicycle; a Fiat built in Turin, driven to Poland, and reconfigured with Polish parts—arrive as the final outcomes of processes that encompass research, travel, and seemingly absurd personal initiative…

simon starling
Simon Starling is fascinated by the processes involved in transforming one object or substance into another. He makes objects, installations, and pilgrimage-like journeys which draw out an array of ideas About nature, technology and economics. Starling describes his work as ‘the physical manifestation of a thought process’, revealing hidden histories and relationships…

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simon starling
Simon Starling's work playfully explores the intimate relationships between craft, material, and technique. His investigations into and reflections on modern manufacturing and traditional crafts reveal countless nuanced contradictions in the production of a single object as well as a fascination with process. His works, which are part utopian vision, part critical commentary on mass production, are often achieved through elaborate, performative projects…

simon starling
“Free from stain and polish”<br />
A discussion between Simon Starling, Stefanie Sembill and Jan Winkelmann

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