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The artist Simone Nieweg
Born 1962, Bielefeld, Germany.
Lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Simone Nieweg
Simone Nieweg (born in 1962 in Bielefeld) focused from the very beginning on photography and started her studies with Bernd Becher in 1 984, immediately after the “orientation year” [the first year at the university, when students are supposed to familiarize themselves with the system and to make decisions about their final goals]. She dates her first independent work from 1986, when she switched to colour photography. Her first series centred around the anonymous architecture of gardens: the self-made toolsheds, garden cottages, or pigeon houses. She then created photos of department stores and black-and-white city-scapes as well, but most impressive are the colour photographs of garden areas, „where people use the land that is at their disposal, free of the city planners’ ideas about order, how to grow vegetables or to raise rabbits or doves…

Simone Nieweg
Works in the MOMA collection

Simone Nieweg
'Pflaumenbaum, Thiènans, Haute-Saône' and other works

Simone Nieweg
By way of formal and thematic contrast with the work of Kamp, Simone Nieweg (born 1962, Bielefeld, lives and works in Düsseldorf) will show recent color photographs devoid of all architecture. But these images are not devoid of human intervention. The photographs, from two ongoing series "Gardens" and "Landscapes" are redolent with signs of human intervention, whether addressing the suburban and peripheral gardens or allotments, or almost-manufactured farmland…

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