Sirous Namazi

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The artist Sirous Namazi
Born 1970, Kerman, Iran.
Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Sirous Namazi
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Sirous Namazi
Sirous Namazi was a teenager when he came from the ancient city of Kerman in the south of Iran to the somewhat smaller city of Lund in the south of Sweden. Along with other new Swedes he had the experience of acquiring a new language and finding the right expressions. Many immigrants stop there, with their particular pronunciation and way of life…

Sirous Namazi
Sirous Namazi’s art may be situated in a wide field of three-dimensional expression, encompassing larger sculptures as well as smaller objects, but he also works actively with other artistic formats such as drawing and photography. His works are visually forceful and convincing. They are always executed with razor-sharp precision and an unfailing sense of scale.

Sirous Namazi
Namazi’s aesthetics revolves around formal, painterly and minimalist problems-and an emphasis is equally placed upon the process behind a work, as much as the final result…

Sirous Namazi

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