Solmaz Shahbazi

Solmaz Shahbazi | the artist

The artist Solmaz Shahbazi
Born 1971, Tehran, Iran.
Lives and works in Tehran and Stuttgart, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Istanbul Biennial,

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solmaz shahbazi
Zivilcourage zeigen und soziokulturelle Freiräume erobern – das ist das Selbstverständnis der iranischen Regisseurin Solmaz Shabazi. Für ihren Dokumentarfilm "Teheran 1380" erhielt sie den Duisburger Filmpreis…

solmaz shahbazi
Solmaz Shahbazi’s light box images are culled from previous wanderings, testaments to the ambiguities of time and place. Taken in different cities of this region, her subjects are perhaps first and foremost how we collectively relate to photography, revealing their enormous ability to frame reality, shape and define the sphere of the inclusive, and perhaps more importantly, the exclusive…

solmaz shahbazi
Excerpts from Tehran 1380

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