Soly Cisse

Soly Cisse | the artist

The artist Soly Cisse
Born 1969, Dakar, Senegal.
Lives and works in Dakar, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Soly Cissé
The theme of Cissé 's paintings is repeatedly the duality between tradition and modernity. As an example, he uses arrows to separate Good from Evil, in vertical and horizontal lines to picture life and death and also to contrast colors. They show an extreme fury of the individuum towards a world left to its own…

Soly Cissé
Intuitive rather than conceptual Cisse’s paintings combines a sensuality of touch that is born out of the aesthetics of Dakar as manifest in its music and textiles and the vibrancy of its multi ethnic trading culture. The cost of modernity is a common theme– the natural world being overrun by man’s artificial constructs – the animals of his childhood hunting days now running from urbanisation rather than the hunter’s arrow. There is also a strong spiritual and symbolic almost riddle-like quality to his work, animals in their innocence, appearing as if in a dream, powerless, yet conveying an important meaning that the modern world, Cisse seems to say, is blind to…

Soly Cissé

Soly Cissé
Soly Cissé 's 'bestiary' is composed of organic forms, metamorphic creatures and dysfunctional worlds. His art is universal, not getting trapped in 'origin certificates' or geographies. Cissé 's work's aggressiveness reflects the aggressiveness of our time: the violence and the lack of compassion…

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