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The artist Sona Abgarian
Born 1979, Berd, Armenia.
Lives and works in Yerevan, Armenia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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sona abgarian
In my works I often reflect upon children’s education and problems of youth and women, which I believe are especially important in the process of building a “civil society”. I am especially interested in cooperation with girls of my age. In 2001 with Tzomak, Nara, and Nata we created the “Incest” rock band. The term “insect” was very symbolic for us, because it expressed our opposition to the culture…

sona abgarian
UTOPIANA<br />I would hardly believe in the values and ideas of a society I live in after Armenian Azerbaijan war, and after the terrorist act of the 27th of October in Armenian Parliament. The rights of this society are for the nationalists, for “strong men”. There are also rights for women who are silent, cunning and “fertile”. I am criticizing this kind of world and the people who invented these values, the society where there is no equality and freedom.

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