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The artist Song Tao
Born 1979, , Shanghai.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography, Venice Biennale, Video,

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Song Tao
His own life, that of his friends and the immediate surrounding metropolis serves as his material source, as exemplified by “The Floor” (2003), a project that spanned six months and culminated in nearly 20,000 photographs of daily life in Shanghai. He selected about 3,000 photographs to create his floor-piece that was eventually mounted at the ShanghART Gallery in Shanghai. Another similar project that presently constitutes the floor of the gallery is a photographic patchwork of a lawn that he photographed meticulously throughout three changing seasons. These acts of recollecting come close to early conceptual and minimalist art approaches, that is, an incremental and repetitious alteration from one piece of work to the next…

Song Tao
Artist Song Tao (b. 1979, Shanghai) works primarily with video and photographs to depict “ordinary reality”, using his life, that of his friends, and their every day surroundings as the primary subject of his work. Song often collaborates with other artists, most notably with Ji Weiyu, with whom he formed Birdhead. Song lives and works in Shanghai..

Song Tao
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