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The artist Squeak Carnwath
Born 1947, Abington, PA, USA.
Lives and works in Oakland, CA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Collage,

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Squeak Carnwath
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Squeak Carnwath
Squeak Carnwath combines the personal—lists of words, numbers, and observations—with the universal—images of elemental objects like bones and leaves—to create a window into the spiritual. “It is not the job of art to mirror,” says Carnwath: “An artist’s job is to reveal consciousness.” As Ramsey and James Breslin note in an essay on the artist, Carnwath’s work often involves a rejection of conventional figure-ground tensions in favor of “an all-encompassing light that defines objects by making them barely distinguishable from their grounds.”

Squeak Carnwath
Like a kind of haunting, unforgettable musical theme, the subject of time and how we experience it serves as a recurring leitmotif in Squeak Carnwath’s work. Over and over, in variations that are poignant, meditative and wryly observant all at once, Carnwath interweaves reflection on the past with observation of the present, recording, effacing, and rediscovering thoughts and feelings, ideas and revelations. The palimpsest-like surfaces of her paintings are rich with intuitive revision, speaking eloquently of passing days and years-as do the rows or grids of numbers, marks, or familiar objects that often appear as part of Carnwath’s subject matter…

Squeak Carnwath
Interview with the artist

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