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The artist Stan Brakhage
Born Jan 14 1933, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Died March 9 2003, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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stan brakhage
Anyone who has heard Stan Brakhage lecture will probably be familiar with his now famous artistic credo, his “400 year plan.” Offscreen editor Donato Totaro provides a brief glimpse into the mountain of a man that was Stan Brakhage…

stan brakhage

stan brakhage
Stan Brakhage Dossier.

stan brakhage
from the beginning I had a feeling for film as vision. I didn’t think it was related to literature or theatre at all, nor had it anything to do with Renaissance perspective. I was staggling the time against the flypaper of other arts harnessing film to their own usages, which means essentially as a recording device or within the long historical trap of ‘picture—by which I mean a collection of nameable shapes within a frame. I don’t even think still photography, with few exceptions, has made any significant attempt to free itself from that. So I had certain instinctual feelings about film even before I made one…

stan brakhage interview
A major figure among underground filmmakers, Stan Brakhage’s career spanned more than 50 years and 300 films, making him the most prolific American filmmaker at the time of his death in 2003…

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