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The artist Stanford Slutsky
Born Oct 22 1941, Pittsburg, PA, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Kinetic Art,

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Stanford’s use of geometric shapes bends the mind as well as challenges the eye. Using basic shapes, and blending the shapes with fabulous hues of varying color shades, creates a sense of motion and wonder in all of his designs.

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Stanford Slutsky
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Stanford Slutsky
Today, all of my work creates the illusion of movement and three – dimensionality. I achieve these effects by juxtaposing hard-edged color patterns that disrupt the normal process of vision. Some shapes of color may seem to advance and then recede and others appear to pulsate in waves. It is a passion of painstaking, semi-scientific approach to painting based on the manipulation of optical devices, and which depends on subtle color gradations, systematic chromatic harmonic lines that are painted by my steady hand – eye co-ordination…

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