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The artist Stephen Mueller
Born 1947, Norfolk, Virginia,, USA.
Died sept 16 2011, Manhattan, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Post Painterly Abstraction,

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Stephen Mueller interview
I’ve spent my whole career rebelling against the Greenberg thing because everyone always said that my paintings were like Helen Frankenthaler’s just because I use thin and thick and thin paints and all that. Greenberg seems of the moment again, serious reviews in The New Yorker and what not. In fact, it’s a style. I see what you’re talking about. Greenbergian thought says that painting should be the story of the painting’s own making, and that part I agree with—it’s that kind of flat-footed…but I would say that somebody like Mary Heilmann, who started out in craft, is more of an influence on me than Greenberg’s criteria—just her play it as it lays, put it down here, one-two-three, without any trickery…

Stephen Mueller review
Because he belongs to the generation that essentially reinvented American abstract painting in the 1970s and '80s (along with Mary Heilmann, Jonathan Lasker, Elizabeth Murray, Thomas Nozkowski and Gary Stephan, to name but a few), one might view Mueller's compelling synthesis of Asian iconography and electric color as a reaction to the supersize, selfserious gestures of Abstract Expressionism. What differentiates Mueller from his peers is his ability to create intimate work without insisting on the presence of his own signifying "mark." In so doing, he leaves us with an exquisite offering of visceral on which to meditate…

Stephen Mueller

Stephen Mueller
Making vivid use of the vernacular of technological visuals (the pixel, contrasting, even vibrating color, pattern and simplified form) as well as the atmospheric and emotionally evocative color and tonality of the Romantic era Mueller presents his emblems, symbols, plays on heraldic forms, sci-fi logos, and shields. The narrative of the paintings is one of flux or a moment in the process of continuous change. Using figure ground ambiguity and skewed symmetry, the work calls into question traditional modes of perception and notions of beauty and space…

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