Stian Adlandsvik

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The artist Stian Adlandsvik
Born 1981, Bergen, Norway.
Lives and works in Oslo, Norway.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Photography, Sculpture Objects,

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Stian Adlandsvik
If it won't fly, try using it as a reducing machine

Stian Adlandsvik
Stian Ådlandsvik utilizes journalistic and subjective investigative methods for his research on transnational and -continental economic systems, questioning their organizational form and examining what they inflict on society at an individual level…

Stian Adlandsvik
artist working with sculptures and photography. Ådlandsvik's projects often map up unusual connections in social, political and economical administration and he relates this to questions concerning national identity. Working with estrangement and reorganization of objects, he is blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. During his residency in Beijing, the artist investigates the rapid growth in the Chinese economy and its impacts on the city, examining its physical appearance and the way the city changes and expands. Ådlandsvik holds a degree from HfBK in Hamburg and the National Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo…

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