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The artist Subodh Gupta
Born 1964, Khagoul, Bihar, India.
Lives and works in New Delhi, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Performance Art, Installation art,

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subodh gupta
About the artist, with images of works

Very Hungry God
Subodh Gupta is one of India¬ís most prolific artists and has participated in numerous highly-acclaimed international exhibitions. Gupta works in a wide range of mediums from sculpture and painting to installation, photography, video and performance…

Born in Khagaul, India and now living and working in New Delhi, Subodh Gupta works from his own experience of the stark contrasts present in a country which combines rural simplicity and growing urban globalisation…

subodh gupta

subodh gupta
Selected works in the Saatchi Gallery

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