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The artist Suchan Kinoshita
Born Nov 9 1960, Tokyo, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, skulptur projekte munster,

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suchan kinoshita
Kinoshita’ work invites viewers to bridge art and theater in participatory experiences that emphasize movement, space, and time.

suchan kinoshita

suchan kinoshita

suchan kinoshita, video lecture
Suchan will discuss her work with particular reference to the ‘Untitled’, 2000 (originally installed in a Japanese Gallery). This installation is bought by the Bonnefanten Museum and will be in exhibition. She describes her intent or the meaning of several elements of the installation and illustrates her story by showing many slides of different parts. Photographs of both the Japanese and the Maastricht situation are shown. She describes the process of re-locating as well as the necessity of making alterations. These decisions are related to the new location, a part of which is the different culture and public. This is one of the case studies within the Inside Installations project…

suchan kinoshita
<p>Project. Chinese Whispers (Stille Post)</p>

<p>Between me and you is the “and” – it is spoken language that connects people to one other. And it is also words that separate them – if the “and,” for instance, were suddenly to disappear. “Chinese whispers,” known in German as “Stille Post” and in French as “téléphone arabe,” is a kindergarten game that illustrates our dependence on language more clearly than any linguistic theory…</p>

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