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The artist Sue Thompkins
Born 1971, Gasgow, Scotland.
Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Sculpture Objects,

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Sue Thomkins
Sue Tompkins' object-based works include collages and sculptures formed from the pages of high fashion magazines, and assemblages using marginal, offbeat materials such as hessian, empty mineral water bottles and small gold earrings. The exhibition Sounds of Grass (held at Transmission in Glasgow in 1998) was a collaboration with Tompkins' twin sister, the painter Hayley Tompkins, and revealed the idiosyncratic processes that underpin her practice. Details such as a neon pink seam sewn along the edge of a sackcloth picnic blanket, or a cluster of footprints left unswept in a dusty corner reflected the way in which the performative is often implicated in her practice…

Sue Thomkins
Sue Tompkins uses the spoken and written word delivered in a deceptively simple and direct fashion. The written word comes first: she accumulates copious notes over a period of time then edits and refines them to create disjointed yet succinct texts that combine repeated words with constructed phrases to evoke imagery, emotion and ideas. These eclectic fragments are presented in the gallery as text on newsprint paper or as spoken word performances…

Sue Thomkins interview
I love the freedom of a solo show, but when you’re working with other people it’s such an exciting feeling that you are part of something and excited by other people’s contributions. When I worked with Life Without Buildings it felt great to be swept up in something that you could feel yourself in and express yourself and feel energised and surprised too all the time, by everybody, and what you can make together.

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