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The artist Sun K. Kwak
Born , , Korea.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting, Gwangju Biennale,

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Sun K. Kwak
Ms. Kwak has two distinct styles in which she creates. The first consists of black tape drawings on walls in site – specific installations. The second are intimate ink, pencil and pigment drawings on handmade paper. In both cases, the works have emerged from the long tradition of Zen ink paintings in the Orient. She is currently developing a technique to synthesis the two styles.

Sun K. Kwak
Summer Story

Sun K. Kwak
One Hundred One Hours of Conversation’ and ‘Moses’ Choice’

Sun K. Kwak
Tape II

Sun K. Kwak
Sun K. Kwak is a multifaceted artist.  Her large scale masking tape wall drawings can be found permanently installed at City 75 in Rockefeller Center, NY and in the Samsung Building’s lobby in Korea.  Her smaller masking tape on panel and ink on paper works can be found in private collections around the United States and Canada.

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