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The artist Tang Da Wu
Born 1943, , Singapore.
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing,

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Tang Da Wu
Tang Da Wu is one of Singapore ‘s leading contemporary visual artists. He has received visual arts awards from the UK Arts Council and the Greater London Arts Council. In 1999, he was awarded the Fukuoka Arts and Culture Prize; the only other Singapore recipient has been Professor Wang Gangwu of the National University of Singapore, who won the Fukuoka International Academic Prize in 1994. Tang is, in the city-state and in the region, a major innovator in contemporary art practices such as installation sculpture, socially and environmentally responsive public art and performance art, along with more traditional art forms such as painting and drawing…

Tang Da Wu
Da Wu TANG (b.1943, Singapore) is a prominent leader in contemporary Asian art practice and is widely regarded as a pioneer of performance art in Singapore. In the 80s and 90s, TANG performed extensively throughout the U.K and as held numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally in Portugal, Japan, The Philippines, Indonesia, Poland, Malaysia and the U.K…

Tang Da Wu
The Artist Village

Tang Da Wu
Since 2003, the artist has been diligently capturing his impressions of islanders who inspire him. For Tang Da Wu, real heroes and true stories are found in the faces of the anonymous – old ladies who collect scrap cardboard and metal, saving money for their grandchildren’s future, groups of young people "hanging out", hawkers and peddlers in corners of the island, forgotten or changed beyond recognition…

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