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The artist Tariq Alvi
Born 1965, Newcastle, United Kingdom.
Lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video,

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tariq alvi
Tariq's work includes drawings, collages and installations. His compositions often comprise of highly charged and explicit images cut out from newspapers, pornographic and fashion magazines and advertisements. Often working intuitively, Alvi's labour intensive works present us with both disarmingly simple and complex aesthetic forms taken from the ephemera of the everyday…

tariq alvi
Alvi presents a group of sculptures, paintings and collages that meditate on the relationships between economy, sexuality, desire and materiality. One key work in the exhibition incorporates Alvi’s characteristic formal motif of hundreds of cut-out prices from magazines and trade fliers, here arranged around the imposing form of a three-metre long tree trunk. Dyslexic Dancer maps out an abstract depiction of sexuality and desire, its plate glass surface, splicing a mirrored cube, is adorned with nebulous colourful forms constructed out of torn up pages from gay club magazines; the visceral grubbiness of these figures butts up against mannered references to the tasteful formality of minimalist forms. Mirrors also feature in a large wall-based work, a version of which Alvi first made in Club Oase in Maastricht in 1997, onto which are collaged cut-outs of male and female models, which both articulate and disrupt the potential for self-reflection…

tariq alvi conversation
London-based Tariq Alvi is quick to admit his penchant for pop culture. He recycles riotous effigies from advertisements, pornography, and consumer magazines in his installations, often reconfiguring them into collages. Through his paper-based art, Alvi meticulously digests generic and overlooked icons of our disposable culture, visually calling for a re-appraisal of material worth. He has also mastered trompe l’oeil with cut-out paper, which he cunningly manipulates in homage to consumerism, civic conflict, and the elusive dual nature of desire and reward. His delicate dissections and re-assemblies exalt the ambiguities of politics, social belonging, and the authenticity of personal possession, leaving the viewer to decide questions of value…

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